I Am Not A Quitter!

wood, plexiglass, 300 liters of jelly

Art from here to yonder – Vossebeeld Farm, Holten (2015)
Gratitude to Kunstenlab Deventer.

In my chilchood, I was fascinated by the large half round green covers you might see at many farms, lying on the side of the road. Ik had some idea of what might be hidden underneath, but at the same time, I didn’t really want to know. The sculpture is modeled on an actual cadavre cover. The driver who delivered it to my studiio in the centre of the city looked at me  suspiciously. When I explained what I intended to do with it, his face lit up. “Aha,” he said, “you actually gave it some thought! I always assumed artists were just fooling around, but apparantly I was wrong.”

The sculpture has an irresitabe attraction. Everyone wants to touch it – and the response is typical as well: nearly all people withdraw their hand immediately.

I Am Not A Quitter!Marianne
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