Eat and pray

jelly, licorice, plexiglass, steel, 200 x 500 cm

Visit the lord at your own risk – De Refter, Ubbergen (2009)
thanks to Haribo / Hoepman suikerwerken

The glass-stained window made of jelly and liquorish was specially designed for an exhibition in a chapel. The ideal of the Virgin Mary returns in a completely different appearance (see ‘Fuck Barbie’, 2006). The dagger she is using to stab the Sacred Heart is certainly no part of Catholic iconography: this is genuine self-criticism. Apart from dealing with the hypocrisy of the church and with my self-perception as a well-mannered girl, the image extends an invitation for a new form of communion: take and eat; this is my artwork!

Eat and prayMarianne
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