# 9 frozen brains won’t bleed

frozen water and wine

Vice Versa – TAC, Eindhoven (2011)
thanks to Coolven icecubes

Another performance with water and wine (see # 5, 2009), but this time they are frozen. The casting of my likeness in ice was a real adventure: I was working in the evening and at night, alone in the freezer of an ice cube producer somewhere on an abandoned industrial park. At the beginning of the performance, the sculpture is hanging from a chain, in the mould. As soon as I take it out, the body breaks off at the neck so only the head is still dangling around. I embrace and caress the frozen rump, collect the limbs, kiss my own chilly lips one last time. The earthly remains are slowly melting away.

# 9 frozen brains won't bleedMarianne
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